The perfect shipping label for every package

Our dispatch app and shipping API generate package shipping labels dynamically based on package type, shipping speed, and shipping rates from a network of 100+ national carriers and local delivery services.

Shipping and tracking

Generate labels and track shipments from one place. Self-service kiosk available.

Shipping rate list

Filter package shipping options by speed and price.

Discounted rates

Get discounted rates or custom rate cards on our multi-carrier shipping platform.

Address validation

Auto validate shipping addresses with our shipping platform.


Send notifications to recipients based on package location with the best shipping app.


Generate the best label programmatically via API.

Ship. See. Scale.

Our multi-carrier shipping platform brings shipping and tracking together and replaces single-carrier, manual label generation with multi-carrier, dynamic label generation.

Ship smart and save

Use the best shipping app to create package shipping labels by selecting rates pulled from our carrier network.

See all package activity

Track package activity and trigger recipient notifications with any provider in our network.

Scale shipping operations

One API provides access to our carrier network and generates the best shipping label on the fly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dispatch shipping service only for brick-and-mortar businesses?
Is Dispatch a shipment tracking software?
How do I generate labels through PackageX Dispatch? 
Do I need a special printer to print shipping labels?
How does the Dispatch app facilitate same day shipping?
Which shipping carriers are supported by the Dispatch app?
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