Modern Logistics

PackageX digitizes and connects inventory, fulfillment, shipping, delivery, and receiving operations on a unified platform to simplify logistics for retailers, warehouses, commercial businesses, universities, and other building types.

100+ customers in 42 countries and 210 cities
For building and retail logistics

Package in / package out

Commercial businesses and universities use PackageX to efficiently receive incoming packages with smartphone label scanning, automate recipient notifications, and perform forwarding and campus routing. Delivery locations execute smart storage, retrieval, locker deliveries, and assisted / self-service pickup.

Retailers and warehouses use PackageX to create digital manifests, programmatically match incoming packages to ordered lists, manage inventory, and execute cost-effective fulfillment and tracking. API-based label generation selects the best shipping provider from our carrier network based on distance, speed, and cost.

Ship smarter

Replace static pricing and single carriers with dynamic pricing and 100+ couriers for cost-effective, fulfillment, dispatch, and last-mile delivery.

See more

Ditch visibility middleware and lean out your tech stack. PackageX has visibility built into dispatch and every other part of the platform.

Work less

More packages does not mean more work. PackageX removes pen & paper inefficiencies to drive productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

“PackageX has vastly improved our speed, efficiency, and service to customers. The app does everything that I could ask for in my university postal department. I could not be happier with my decision to use them.” 

Robert H.
University of Dallas
For carriers and shipping providers

Package delivered

Grow and scale your logistics operations with a marketplace that connects shippers with your delivery services and a platform that manages the last mile.

Package marketplace

We built a first-ever marketplace that connects carriers with shippers.

Connect with shippers

Logistics operations

Take on more deliveries without having the wheels come off.

Scale with demand
For developers and logistics operations

Package shipped

Ship more packages and less software. Build logistics into new and existing applications without managing new infrastructure.

API Reference


Have smartphones and camera devices extract information from any package label.

Shipping API

Integrate with our marketplace that connects carriers with shippers.

Fulfillment API

Manage inventory, perform pick & pack operations, and create packing lists.


Use PackageX platform events to power real-time logistics.

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