Efficient warehouse management system (WMS)

Digitize manual processes and modernize legacy warehouse management software with our inventory and fulfillment tech to differentiate and win more business.

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Automate warehouse inventory management

Turn to PackageX for a modern inventory management system delivering automation, digitization, and connectivity for customers, suppliers, and warehouse teams through easy-to-use apps and APIs.

Digitize receiving

Use Inventory to scan and match incoming shipments against digital manifests and automate data ingestion and visibility.

Custom workflows

Customize item sorting, storage, and fulfillment workflows with our warehouse inventory management software.

Internal label printing

Generate internal labels to move, store, retrieve, pick up, and forward shipments efficiently.

Real-time visibility

Inventory provides real-time visibility to warehouse managers and their customers for inventory tracking on and off-site.

Easy fulfillment and multi-carrier shipping

Perform pick and pack operations via our inventory and fulfillment app. Compare rates and generate shipping labels from national and on-demand carriers with our carrier network.

Flexible transfers

Warehouse inventory managers can use Dispatch or a private fleet to send or transfer packages to any other warehouse or perform eCommerce fulfillment.

Shipping rate list

View all shipping rates in one place and filter them by speed and price in a single view.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we improve your warehouse inventory accuracy?
What warehouse problems can PackageX solve for you?
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